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Workstation assessment and ergonomics at Physio-Medicine

Assessing an individual’s working environment in accordance with the health and safety standard can reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury caused by poor working conditions.

We have designed an on-site workstation assessment and training programme to enhance flexibility, endurance and mobility whilst at work. We also provide individual workstation assessment, group workstation assessment, posture advice presentations on current set-up and the required changes that need to be made to make the given workstation ergonomic.

Ergonomics is the science of making things compatible with the human body. An ergonomic assessment simply means that something, in this case a computer workstation or office cubicle, will be assessed to see what muscles, joints and bones or ligaments are used to fulfill the task, and what repetitive motions are carried out during work, to see what sort of stress your body has to endure. The idea behind the assessment is to make it more fitting to your body, so the put things in places and at angles where reaching them causes no or very little strain, or the strain can be distributed so that it does not harm your body.

The science of ergonomics will reshape your workstation, and the effects can be felt in the long run. The idea is that small repetitive movements, although maybe causing only minimal pain and strife, will continue to slowly wear out your joints, ligaments or bones, and over time will cause chronic dislocations, malocclusions and malformations of your skeletal structure. All of this can be avoided with an ergonomic working environment.

Our Chartered physiotherapist has conducted research in the area of ergonomics, which aids in understanding the mechanisms involved in movement and the responses of the body to repetitive activities.

Book now for a professional 1 hour workstation assessment costing for(within a 15 minute radius of City Clinic)  £100.00.-£150.00.

1 hour lecture on work related topics is FREE.