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Sports massage at Physio-Medicine

Sports massage with a qualified physiotherapist is an effective and cost-effective way to relieve stress, pain and improve mobility and restore energy. At Physio-Medicine, our physiotherapists can tailor your massage session to include advice on sports specific exercises, lifestyle, posture habits and wellbeing.

A massage session is a must for all those who have busy and stressful work lives, and need to revive themselves to improve productivity. Sports massage works off of ancient techniques of rubbing, gently hitting and in general kneading the patients flesh. By doing so, blood flow is restored to otherwise jammed or tired veins and capillaries. The nerves also benefit from the motion, and after the muscle receives this kind of stimulation, it can go back to work again feeling fine.

These sessions should not be used by people suffering from a thrombosis, skin lesions or other dermatological disorders, or those with high blood pressure. If you are currently ill, have a fever or a bacterial infection, please wait until your body has completely healed before partaking in these sessions.

Physio-Medicine standard massage offers

  • 30 minute sports massage sessions for £55.00
  • 60 minutes for                                             £80.00. 

 Please contact us for our current special massage offers