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Physio Medicine

Longcroft House
2-8 Victoria Ave
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Physiotherapy at Physio-Medicine

Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function to as near normal as possible when someone is affected by injury, illness or by developmental or other disability' Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Our team of qualified and experienced Chartered physiotherapists not only possess the know how to treat injuries and conditions that limit your quality of life, but can also help to structural weaknesses in your physiology to help prevent conditions from developing.

At Physio-Medicine we work to influence the body's natural healing mechanism by correcting joint positions, posture, changing and restoring soft tissue conditions (muscle, tendon, ligament and fascia) and reducing levels of inflammation and pain.

Before any treatment begins, our physiotherapists conduct a thorough assessment to identify the problem and the source of pain. We take time to explain your condition and discuss the treatment. We are confident that when you are treated by a physiotherapist at Physio-Medicine you will see an increase in mobility, flexibility, improved functions and muscle strength after the first few sessions.

Prevention of injury is a very important part of physiotherapy, and we teach our patients how to prevent injury and how to avoid recurrences of their problems. We provide information on how to prevent further injury and maintain a healthy body in the future, without you needing to take time off of work.

Initial consultation with a qualified professional physiotherapist

Physio-Medicine offers comprehensive initial consultation in 5 easy steps

  • 1st Registration
  • 2nd Discuss problem and undergo assessment of injury with a qualified professional
  • 3rd Diagnosis of condition
  • 4th Brief treatment
  • 5th Recommendation/advice for home-exercises and/or follow-up treatment if needed

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Competitive prices for professional physiotherapy

  • Initial assessment (first appointment, Senior Physio Therapist): 30mins £79.00
                                                                                                             45mins £75.00 
  • Follow up appointments (Senior Physio Therapist): 30mins £72.00
                                                                                        60mins £120.00

  • Joint & Spinal assessment  10mins £30.00
  • Ultra sound treatment   15mins £25.00
  • Reports (Initial assessments, Update reports, Discharge reports)  £50.00

Please contact us for our current special Physiotherapy offers.

At Physio-Medicine you receive advice on home exercises and a personal fitness recovery programme to help your recovery from an injury or long-term condition.